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As part of the Truth Plan, I created 5/21 Ventures – a strategic consultancy dedicated to implementing projects that combine critical thinking and biblical truth. 5/21 Ventures was formed on 5/21/04, with a biblical mandate to:

“TEST everything -- Hold on to the good”   (1 Thessalonians 5:21).

5/21 Ventures represents passionate people with thought-provoking platforms and products. We provide business, financial, legal, research and communications support for talented visionaries.

Our services include:

  1. Business Plans
  2. Ministry Plans
  3. Contract Drafting/Negotiation
  4. Organizational Compliance
  5. Strategic Alliances
  6. Creative Media & Technology
  7. Writer Services
  8. Internal Operations
  9. Public Communications
  10. Project Research & Support
Simply, 5/21 Ventures provides the “strategic implementation package” for compelling Truth Plan projects.

Please check out these cutting-edge ministries:



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