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Why do I have a website?

Until a few years ago, I was a successful businessman and attorney. I had degrees from top universities and I was fairly well-traveled. My family, friends and peers knew me as intellectual, motivated and reasonably balanced. I had a great wife and kids, and I was generally healthy...

I was considered a success by the world’s standards.

In what seemed to be overnight, people witnessed a dramatic shift in my life. From their perspective, I hastily left the corporate and legal worlds and started serving full-time in some sort of “religious” group. Without pay, I gave tirelessly of my time and resources. I started writing books and speaking at outreach events. To my family, friends and peers, I was immersed in the kind of “religious movement” that I had so passionately rejected most of my life.

What happened?

Was I somehow brainwashed to become a sort of religious fanatic?

Was I reacting to my mom’s death by grasping for some kind of supernatural crutch?

Had the logical atheist really bought into a narrow-minded mythology story?

Simply, I went on an incredible, life-changing journey and I’m passionate about what I discovered! I hit a season in my life where I started asking questions again… I went from passive to active… I challenged my own worldview… I had no idea that truth existed in our world!

I have a website because my desire is to spark thought and encourage others in their crazy life journeys!

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