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  People are either too busy, too lethargic, or a weird combination of both. It seems there’s no real opportunity to engage people anymore – to grab them from their normal routine and drop them into a cultivating environment. Therefore, the key is to meet people where they’re at – Strategically captivate minds at the source, rather than passively invite participation.

The typical American adult male reads (or at least starts) about three books per year (authors such as Clancy, Grisham, and Crichton top the list). He commutes over an hour per day and listens to classic rock or talk radio. He works long hours and wishes he got more time for exercise and hobbies. He watches one movie per week (typically at home) and watches a bit of news or sports. He’s also partially exposed to whatever his kids are watching on TV or hearing in their headphones. He rarely reads the newspaper anymore, but catches some snippets of news, weather and sports on the Internet. He goes to church from time to time, but often for the wrong reasons.

The patterns are different for women and youth, but the theme is the same – People are too busy or too withdrawn (or both) to think these days. We run too hard at work or school, so we deserve to “veg” in front of the latest form of escapist entertainment.

If that’s the case, then that’s where we need to Captivate minds…

We need to weave ‘thought nuggets’ into the routine of our lives. We need to place Truth in those three books, on the radio during the commute, in the workplace, in the schools, at the gym, on the movie screen, on the television screen, inside the MP3 player headphones, on the Internet, and in the church. We need to go where the captive audiences already exist... We need to be relevant and cutting-edge… We need to be passionate and credible… We need to jumpstart life journeys at the source of the lethargy…

…That’s Captivation!
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