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  -- My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6).

I offer classes, seminars and outreach concepts (I’ll even “preach” if given the chance) to churches throughout the country. Here are a few sample topics:

Adult Teaching:
  • What Happened to Me? A Personal Journey to Truth (testimony with apologetics)
  • Belief vs. Faith (testimony with a call to a transformed life)
  • Why Apologetics? (interactive teaching format)
  • Why Does our Worldview Matter? (interactive teaching format)
  • In the Beginning… (interactive teaching format)
  • Defeating Darwinism (interactive teaching format)
  • All About God™ – Evidence for the Christian Faith (multi-part apologetic series)
Youth Outreach:
  • Think… In Defense of the Christian Faith (youth-oriented testimony with evidence)
  • Just Think! The Importance of Critical Thinking (high school and college worldview seminar)
  • TEST Everything – Hold on to the Good! (high school and college apologetics seminar)
  • Defending your Worldview in the Real World (boot camp presentation before college)
Youth Teaching:
  • Breaking the C-O-D-E! What Does 21st Century Science & Technology Reveal About God?

  • Reading a H-I-P M-A-P! Is the Bible Really True?

  • Bringing it H-O-M-E! The Historical Reality of the Man Named Jesus
          Outside Sources
          Messianic Prophecy
          Eyewitness Testimony

  • What’s up with E-A-S-T-E-R? Did the Resurrection of Jesus Christ Really Happen?
          Empty Tomb
          Appearances After Death
          Spread of Christianity
          Testimony of Martyrs
          Expert Testimony
          Resurrection (the key to it all!)

  • Where’s the J-U-S-T-I-C-E? Why Does a Loving God Allow Suffering?
          Unconditional Love
          Eternal Reward

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