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  During the 1990ís, I practiced corporate/securities law in Southern California. In 1995, I ďhung my own shingleĒ to represent companies in the emerging high-technology and multimedia sectors. My firm grew nicely during the IPO heyday of the mid to late 90ís.

In 1999, I took a position as Vice President of Business Affairs with one of my clients, a rapidly emerging start-up in telecom components. That company was soon acquired by a high-flying public company, where I continued to serve in the areas of operations, law and finance until January 2002.

In a nutshell, I rode the crazy Silicon Valley wave of the 1990ís from start to finish -- until we all crashed on the shore of stock market reality at the beginning of the new millennium. For the last few years, Iíve represented a select group of clients in business and ministry.

Since February 2002, Iíve also served as Director of Operations for AllAboutGod.com Ministries, Inc., a non-profit network of hundreds of websites reaching thousands of people every month with evidence for the biblical worldview. Iím also the founder and president of ThinkWorks LLC, a developer of cutting-edge content in the areas of critical thinking, worldviews, and apologetics.

Hereís my last attempt at practicing law in Southern California before going into ministry.

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