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  I spent nearly 20 years as a practicing atheist. As a lawyer and businessman, my life was all about materialism and success. I wasn’t even asking the spiritual questions anymore. During my Mom’s battle with breast cancer in 1999, I started an honest journey for truth and meaning in my life. I studied the claims of religion and philosophy. I examined the impact of science and technology. After a wholehearted quest, I was absolutely stunned by the evidence for the biblical Jesus. In May 2000, I became one of his followers.

My life goal is to be an authentic person of faith, one who encourages, equips and empowers others for honest journeys of their own.

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Over the last couple of years, I’ve had the privilege to write a series of emails and essays in response to family, friends and peers that asked, “What happened to you?” They witnessed a dramatic shift in my life – from successful attorney to semi-fanatical “religious” guy – and wondered why the logical atheist bought into some kind of ancient mythology story.

As questions were asked, I tried to deliver answers in a rational, logical manner. I tried to be concise. I strived for authenticity. My goal was never “Christian conversion” – my goal was to spark genuine life journeys.

Remarkably, many people wanted more. After I emailed links and resources, they would return...

“Do you have your own book or something?”
“I can’t remember all of this stuff, and I don’t have time to read all those books you listed! Can you just give me the basics?”

Out of necessity, my emails and essays started fusing together, and some longer pieces developed. It was very apparent that nearly all conversation and correspondence came down to one of the following areas:

The Complexity of Life
The Integrity of the Bible
The Reality of Jesus

Thus, my essays got longer, and more and more people asked for “the book.” My skeptical friends didn’t want the 8˝ x 11 WORD documents that I kept sending -- they wanted a complete and credible book. So, I finally listened, and turned all of this stuff into a BOOK.

Why? I’m not a trained theologian or philosopher… I’m not some noteworthy media personality… so why another book in the area of philosophy, worldviews, and apologetics?

Simply, this book is concise and personal. I’ve been privileged to read over 100 books on my journey so far, and that’s impossible for most people these days. I took these “classics” and condensed the nuggets to just over 100 pages. The footnotes are there. The resources are there. However, if you’ve only got time for a book or two, I hope this one makes your list. I hope it sparks some cool thought nuggets in your life!

Reflections of a Journey

by Randall Niles

ISBN: 0-595-32971-3
Published: September 2004

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