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In addition to 5/21 Ventures, I’ve formed a strategic content group known as ThinkWorks™ LLC.

The purpose of ThinkWorks™ is to:

  • Develop fresh and compelling materials that bridge critical thinking with journeys of faith, philosophy, intellect, and Truth; and
  • Deliver these materials in a dynamic, cutting-edge style relevant in today’s society.
ThinkWorks™ projects run the gamut from multimedia-rich youth outreach events to interactive CD and DVD products; from compelling online resources to powerful home school and church curriculum.

The style – adventure and authenticity!
The goal – exploration and discovery!
The passion – lives transformed by Truth!

The mission of ThinkWorks™ is to get real and encourage others in their life journeys. We meet today’s youth where they’re at with genuine hearts and cutting-edge media. We penetrate the Western culture with engaging and thought-provoking entertainment, with a goal of getting people truly invested in this crazy experience called Life.

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