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  21st century Western culture isn’t interested in truly seeing, hearing, or understanding. Eyes are fogged, ears are clogged, and hearts are bogged down with the superficial cares of the world. Today’s Western mind is so driven by the humanist hedonist ‘rat race’ that there’s no time (or perceived incentive) to even ask the basic questions of life anymore:

Who am I?
Why am I here?
Where am I going when I die?

A glaze of vanity, apathy, and downright deception encrusts the ceramic of life’s meaning, purpose, and truth. Even mention the word “truth” today, and the reaction runs the gamut from self-righteous hostility to rhetorical philosophy. Like Pontius Pilate declared nearly 2,000 years ago,

“What is truth?”

Although this is today’s mindset, Truth is still Truth. It doesn’t change with time, culture, or affluence. Simply, Jesus is Truth (John 14:6), and Truth is the only way to ultimate freedom (John 8:32).

So, how do we deliver this simple and timeless message to a culture that no longer sees, hears, or understands? How do we strategically (and even subtly) reveal Truth to an escapist mentality that craves everything but Truth?

May 21, 2004 (4:25 a.m.): I jumped out of bed, closed myself in the master closet, and wrote the following on the back of an old shopping list:


I believe God gave me a vision and a legacy!

A progressive voyage from total apathy to total freedom!
As a prior atheist and passive participant in life, I’m now called to activate thought and encourage life journeys through genuine passion and compelling media… The TRUTH Plan!

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